Monday, October 31, 2011

my perfect winter party

For me the perfect winter party is my wedding.  we have decided to get married December 16, 2012 and its fast approaching.  My birthday is december 18 and our anniversary is the 16 and christmas is the 25 so its all within the same two weeks.  this wedding is for myself, and me fiance and our guest list is about 200 people because his family is huge. some of them come from out of the country so we have to invite his fathers and mothers family with no question.  i currently am going to school for my masters and paying for everything is getting hard.  We've been trying to save up because i only work part time and school full time and he is full time construction and we are really trying.  for our decorations this was so much fun i chose the facilities christmas trees which they put all around the room with the christmas lights and red roses, and one everyother table i would love to have different centerpieces.  roses on some and glitter snowmen themed centerpieces on the others i found think in peir one imports but i have to wait till there on sale because its so expensive.  I would also like fun around the nakins as the rings because white fur reminds me of the winter with faux snow on each table with white and red gems on each table as well.  For us the winter is the more romantic and exciting time we've been togther for 5 1/2 years and winter is the best ime of year.  i recently lost my brother and his favorite time of the year was christmas as well because he loved to throw his gift wrappings at me and he loved the christmas food so for him i would love to put a memorial piece within my wedding because i lost him way too early so winter is the only time i will have my wedding.  if I win this contest it would help me create the wedding of my dreams, and be able to add the memorial piece that i want as well, the facility we choose is lake view pavilion in foxboro MA and its right on a lake which my brother also loved so this would mean the world to me if i won, it would allow me to do more things that i'm afraid without help i would be able to do. This blog is part of the Win Your Perfect Party contest sponsored by GigMasters. To find out how to enter visit Life of the Party.